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Batch Upload into Media Folder

2 weeks ago

I am just setting up another instance of payload for a image-based dataset i wanna host. When just uploading my ~150 images into my media folder (which i have mounted inside my Media Collection) - they are not detected as media instances. Is there a nice way for such batch uploads, or do i really need to upload all images 1by1 to get them as Items inside the collection?

  • fewbar
    2 weeks ago

    As of now you cannot batch upload. You could write your own script that uses the Local API to create the media collection items one by one.

  • Mark | Omniux
    2 weeks ago

    Bulk uploading is part of the roadmap, stay tuned because it is an often asked for feature 🙂

  • Joekr
    2 weeks ago

    Is this something I can expect in the next week's?

  • zubricks
    Payload Team
    2 weeks ago

    Hey Joekr - we like to keep our launch week items under wraps until the week of, so you'll just have to stay tuned until then. Just know that Bulk operations are pretty high up on our list, so it shouldn't be too long now!

  • wiesson
    2 weeks ago

    I need this as well!

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