Can I populate a Select field based on an API call made when editing an item in a collection?

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4 months ago

I have a "Users" collection where every user has an additional internal ID. I want to make a call to an external API with that ID and populate the items of a select field based on the response. I think this is do-able, but I'm blanking on how 😄

I'm thinking of using afterRead?

      name: 'events',
      maxDepth: 0,
      type: 'relationship',
      relationTo: 'events',
      hasMany: true,
      access: {
        create: () => false,
        update: () => false,
      admin: {
        readOnly: true,
      hooks: {
        beforeChange: [({ siblingData }) => {
          // Mutate the sibling data to prevent DB storage
          // eslint-disable-next-line no-param-reassign
 = undefined;
        afterRead: [getAllEvents],

But im not sure why we need to mutate the sibling data

or if that was only for that example

Hmmm that runs on every item in the collection

Was hoping for it to run only during editing

@paulpopus Do you think I'm going about it incorrectly?

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    4 months ago

    i cant test rn but im pretty sure in those functions you have access to the full


    from express

    and im pretty sure that object contains something related to what API is being used/invoked and if it's admin panel?

    i cant recall right now, can look later for you

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