Can I set the rich text editor background, similar to theme-input-bg?

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4 months ago

I'm testing the ability to change the styling on the admin dashboard and so I followed the documentation here :

I've created admin.scss with

:root {
 --theme-bg: #F7D6E0;
 --theme-input-bg: #EFF7F6;

This works and sets the dashboard colour and the text input field colour. However the rich text editor shows up with its background colour equal to the theme-bg (like its transparent) and I'd like it to the the same as the theme-input-bg. I assume this might be Slate related but I can't see an obvious way to configure it?

(I can set the background manually on the <div class"rich-test__wrapper"> element and it works)

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    4 months ago

    I don't think it is related to slate, I just don't think that we give the RTE a background. Targeting the element like you did is the right solution.

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