Cannot find Payload config 500 errors with Next.js on Vercel

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2 weeks ago

Started a fresh Next.js app and downgraded to 13.5.6, installed next-payload and payload and ran

yarn next-payload install

. I also moved my payload config to my root directory and updated the env variable and


config. After deploying to Vercel and opening


, I get 500 errors from






with this error:

Error: cannot find Payload config. Please create a configuration file located at the root of your current working directory called "payload.config.js" or "payload.config.ts"

payload 2.1.1

@payloadcms/next-payload 0.1.9

@payloadcms/db-postgres 0.1.13

@payloadcms/richtext-slate 1.1.0

next 13.5.6

EDIT: confirmed that the config path is set correctly per this conversation

This was solved by added the


environment variable in Vercel

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