Change Array's label name from a Field Input

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10 months ago

In the Picture , you can see I have added arrays and they are "post 01" , "post 02". The name "post" has been generated from label and "01","02" has been generated dynamically.

Now what I want is , to generate "post 01" ( array's label ) generate from a field input. For example: I will give an input in a field inside "post 01" array and the "post 01" will replace it's name with the string. something like useAsTitle.

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    10 months ago

    I'm curious about this as well - we're using payload as our "page builder"-kind of thing and we've got multiple components within "slot" arrays, collapsed by default, and it's hard to navigate them just by "item 01" etc headers

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    Payload Team
    10 months ago

    This is something we can look at after

    . If anyone wants to work on a PR for this it shouldn't be too difficult to implement but, I would start it after

    is merged to avoid conflicts.

    Feel free to make a new discussion in Github with the Feature Requests & Ideas category. That will help us keep better track of it.

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