changing the route name /admin in my next js vercel project

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BrandonMager10 months ago

Hi, I have a next js vercel project where I used npx next-payload install to extend payload to my project. I know you can do /admin to go to the page and login. However, is there a way to assign a different route name instead of /admin? Thanks.

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    notchr10 months ago

    Good morning @BrandonMager - you can customize the built-in routes on your Payload config object.

    The config in


    has a "routes" property that accepts an object

    For example, one I use on a personal project

      routes: {
        api: "/payload/api",
        admin: "/payload/admin",
        graphQL: "/payload/graphql",
        graphQLPlayground: "/payload/graphql-playground",

    Let me know if tht answers you question, happy to help

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    9 months ago

    Hey @BrandonMager did you have a chance to try the above suggestion? Let us know if you have any follow up questions here. Thanks!

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    BrandonMager9 months ago

    Hey @seanzubrickas I looked at the example and the suggestion almost worked I just needed to add a serverURL in the payload.config so that the routes are connected properly

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    9 months ago

    nice! so you got it sorted out?

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