Check for duplicates in array

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quick00710 months ago

Hi all, I was wondering how to check for duplicates in the array type, since validate only returns the number of items in the array

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    4 months ago

    Hi @Lukas, you can use the


    function on the field to pass your own custom validation logic:

    Something like this:

    validate: (val) => {
      // return values from unique field
      const values = val?.map((row) => row.fieldToCheck)
      // check if there are any duplicate values
      const hasDuplicates = new Set(values).size !== values?.length
      if (hasDuplicates) return 'Duplicate values in array'
      if (!hasDuplicates) return true

    Sorry you didn't get a reponse here sooner! Let us know if you need anything else.

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    quick0074 months ago

    Thanks so much! Better late than never

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