Cloudinary plugin not saving images

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antonio_cllast year

hi folks, anyone has integrated cloudinary with the current suggested plugin?

I am starting to think that my problem is with the relation created with media because when saving the image i get a 500


name: "imagenCategoria",

type: "upload",

relationTo: "media",

required: true,

admin: {

position: "sidebar",



Request URL:


Request Method: POST

Status Code: 500 Internal Server Error

Remote Address: [::1]:3000

Referrer Policy: strict-origin-when-cross-origin

The payload: {"sizes":{"thumbnail":{},"sixteenByNineMedium":{}},"cloudinary":{}}

The response: {"errors":[{"message":"Cloudinary: {}"}]}

My payload.config.ts

import cloudinaryPlugin from "payload-cloudinary-plugin/dist/plugins";

export default buildConfig({
  serverURL: "http://localhost:3000",
  cors: "*",
  admin: {
    user: Users.slug,
  collections: [Categories, Posts, Tags, Users, Media, Pages],
  globals: [Footer],
  plugins: [cloudinaryPlugin()],
  typescript: {
    outputFile: path.resolve(__dirname, "payload-types.ts"),
  graphQL: {
    schemaOutputFile: path.resolve(__dirname, "generated-schema.graphql"),


"payload": "^1.8.2",

"payload-cloudinary-plugin": "^0.1.0"

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    miiketranlast year

    hey @Antonio_cl , the payload-cloudinary-plugin worked seamlessly for me.

    Step 1:

    I pasted these values from Cloudinary into my .env file


    Step 2:

    I have the same payload.config.ts with plugins: [cloudinaryPlugin()]

    Step 3:

    I followed the Media.ts collection example from

    . staticDir will have the image you upload into your directory.. Instead, I just put

    upload: true

    since I don't want to store these images into my codebase.

    When you save a new media, you'll know it is successful when viewing the new image in a new tab at<CLOUDINARY_CLOUD_NAME>/image/upload/... The Cloudinary Fields will also be populated onEdit for the media

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    generator10112 months ago

    did you ever resolve this issue?

    i get

    APIError: Cloudinary: {}

    "payload": "1.10.1", "payload-cloudinary-plugin": "^0.1.0",

    omg, the issue is that


    has to be above

    await payload.init
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