Code block error

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6 months ago

Any idea why I get this error:

Collection "posts" > Field "content" > "value" does not match any of the allowed types

When adding this block to a block field in a collection:

import { Block } from "payload/types";

const CodeBlock: Block = {
  slug: "Code",
  fields: [
      name: "content",
      type: "code",
      required: true,
      admin: { editorOptions: { minimap: false } },

export default CodeBlock;
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    6 months ago

    Can we check out the posts collection defenition too?

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    Payload Team
    5 months ago

    Hey @toolreaz - were you able to figure out what was happening here? Would love to get to the bottom of this 👍

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    5 months ago

    Hi @patrikkozak , it looks like it's the editorOptions which is causing the error even if its empty> Removing it solves the issue

    And btw I did a misstake in my example, it should be

    admin: { editorOptions: { minimap: { enabled: false } } },
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