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2 weeks ago

I have an array type with some fields, for each array of fields I have a value that depends on another value, a condition. These values are accessible by the index of the array. So for example

if (data?.array?.[0].valueX === Y) return true

but then when I add more arrays how can I control the condition to all the items in the array. I tried with a for loop, array.some, but it doesn't work.



depends on the value of a field called

        name: "endDate",
        type: "date",
        admin: {
            condition: (data) => {
                let result = false;
                for (let i = 0; i < data?.array?.length; i++) {
                    if (data?.array?.[i]?.duration === "limitedTime") {
                        result = true;
                return result;

This has worked for me (easy):

        admin: {
            condition: (data, siblingData) => {
                return siblingData?.duration === "limitedTime";
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    2 weeks ago

    I found this seeking an answer to a similar question. In my case, I'm trying to hide a checkbox field in an array where only one row checkbox can be checked/shown. For example:

    I have an array of phone numbers. All have a "primary" checkbox but only one can be checked (in the entire array). If one is checked, I want to hide all "primary" checkboxes that are not checked. If I have 4 phone numbers, only one can be the primary.

    Any ideas? All I can come up so far is using a hook but I'd like to control the display.

    I resolved my question with the following



    // src/fields/checkbox/index.ts
    import { CheckboxField } from 'payload/types'
    export const primaryCheckboxField: CheckboxField = {
      name: 'primary', // required
      type: 'checkbox', // required
      label: 'Primary',
      defaultValue: false,
      admin: {
        condition: (data, siblingData, { user }) => {
          const phones = data?.phones || [],
                row = {
                  id: siblingData?.id,
                  primary: siblingData?.primary,
          let show = true
          // Current row; primary is checked
          if (row.primary) return true
          // Another array item is checked
          phones.some(item => {
            if (
     !== &&   // Not current row
              item.primary            // Primary is checked
            ) {
              show = false
              return true
          return show
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    2 weeks ago

    Hey @brianjm I've just seen this. Great that you solved your particular use case. Thanks for sharing the answer.

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