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Conditional verification email

3 weeks ago

Is there a way to conditionally send verification emails upon account creation?

I'm currently creating a plugin for Google Authentication and I'd like to not send verification emails if a user signs up with Google. As the default Email / Password auth is still active, verification emails should be send here.

Also, it looks like I can not create a new already verified account. It takes two steps: create an account and then update _verified: true.

As I can see I can only pass 'true' or 'generateEmailHTML' for ´´´verify´´´ option in a collection config.

  • thisisnotchris
    3 weeks ago

    @TheFrontend You cant alter the _verified prop once they auth with Google?

  • TheFrontend
    3 weeks ago

    I can, but not before the email is sent.

     const registered = await payload.create({
              collection: 'users',
              showHiddenFields: true,
              data: {
                name: user?.name,
                password: pw,
                oauth: pw,
                loginMethod: 'google',

    Now the email is sent, before I can update the _verified. I can login directly but the email is still sent.

    await payload.update({
                  collection: 'users',
                  data: {
                      _verified: true,
  • thisisnotchris
    3 weeks ago

    @TheFrontend Unless there is a better way..

    How about disabling email

    And then manually calling


    on creation of a user with the type you want

  • denolfe
    Payload Team
    3 weeks ago

    We've done something similar in the past by using a


    hook that contains the conditional logic for setting


    . Let me post a snippet

    This used a previous Payload version, but still should be good.

    import type { CollectionBeforeOperationHook } from 'payload/types';
    const skipVerificationEmail: CollectionBeforeOperationHook = ({ args, operation }) => {
      if (operation === 'create' && args.req.query && typeof args.req.query.checkout !== 'undefined') {
        return {
          disableVerificationEmail: true,
      return args;

    Just change up the conditional. You


    have access to the user off of req

  • TheFrontend
    3 weeks ago

    Works perfectly, thanks!

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