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CORS issues even when origins specified

2 weeks ago

Not sure what I'm doing wrong here

export default buildConfig({
  serverURL: "",
  admin: {
    user: Admins.slug,
  cors: ["http://localhost:4200", "", ""],
  csrf: ["http://localhost:4200", "", ""],
  collections: [Admins, Users, Pages, Media, Documents],
  typescript: {
    outputFile: path.resolve(__dirname, "payload-types.ts"),
  graphQL: {
    schemaOutputFile: path.resolve(__dirname, "generated-schema.graphql"),
  routes: {
    api: '/payload/api',
    admin: '/payload/admin',
    graphQL: '/payload/graphql',
    graphQLPlayground: '/payload/graphql-playground'

and in server

    origin: ["http://localhost:4200", "", ""],
    credentials: true,
  • MichaelBOOM
    last week

    You are getting the error on an https URL and only have http URLs listed. Maybe try changing your (what I assume is a production) URL to https? Also if the 2nd snippet is from the same server that payload uses, I didn't need to set any CORS settings manually on the express instance.

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