Custom Admin UI Panel?

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Taunlast year

Hi. Is it possible to totally custom style the admin panel to reflect our own brand?

For example, offering different theme layouts:

"You can add your own CSS by providing your base Payload config with a path to your own CSS or SCSS. Customize the styling of any part of the Payload dashboard as necessary."

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    Exolast year

    And apart from styling the existing dashboard you can also write your own from scratch, payload is fully controllable via the API endpoints 🙂 but I'd suggest you try to style the existing one first as it is probably less work and helps you to get familiar with everything

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    Sandro Wegmannlast year

    That's actually a question I've been facing as well: When does it make sense to use the default payload admin panel, and when should you build your own one?

    It's a tough decision to make, because payload provides some pretty awesome features out of the box (drafts, versions, drag n drop) including the UI Components, but as soon as you have more specific & special requirements for your layout, or you want to use your own styling & design framework (tailwind for example), using payload limits your options and makes things pretty messy in some places. It might happen that you can meet all current requirements with the default admin panel, but then one small change might come up in the future that you can just not get to work with it, and you'll have to rebuild everything custom.

    Your layouts look very special, so I'd suggest going for a custom frontend if you can handle the additional effort for setup & manually building pages. I've been using payload as a backend/api for most projects + custom NextJS Frontend, and I don't regret it, the flexibility it gives you is very comfortable

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