Custom button to create new entry in collection

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8 months ago

I'm experimenting with a workaround for a "content staging" feature I'm trying to implement. Essentially I need to put a custom button (either in the list or the document edit screen) that when clicked, creates a new entry in a different collection based on the data in current document. What's the best way to do that?

I've created the button with a UI field and tried using the local API to do this, but I get an error

payload__WEBPACK_IMPORTED_MODULE_1__.default.create is not a function

. I think I'm not using it correctly, is this designed to only work with hooks? Should I use graphql instead? An entirely different approach?

Code below for the ui field custom component... any help/examples appreciated. Thanks!

import React from "react";
import { useDocumentInfo } from "payload/components/utilities";
import payload from "payload";

async function createStagePage(docData) {
  await payload.create({
    collection: "stagePage",
    data: {
      title: "testTitle",
type Props = { label: string };
const StageField: React.FC<Props> = (props) => {
  const docinfo = useDocumentInfo();
  const clickHandler = (event: React.MouseEvent<HTMLButtonElement>) => {
    const returnObj = {
      fields: docinfo.collection.fields,
  return <button onClick={clickHandler}>Content Stage</button>;
export default StageField;
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    Payload Team
    7 months ago

    The local API is server-side only, you'll need to hit the REST API using fetch.

    Here is a component that queries another collection that you may be able to use some code from:
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    last month

    I'm trying to implement something very similar, have you had any success with that and if yes how did you solve it?

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    last month

    We ended up going a different direction and I did not get anywhere with that, sorry.

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