Custom leaf component not rendering

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3 months ago

Hey! I'm having some trouble getting a custom leaf's component to render in the Slate editor.

(Video attached) I expected when I used the highilighted text button that the next would get larger, but that didn't wasn't happening. In browser devtools, there doesn't appear to be a change in the HTML when clicking the button either.

Here's my code:

// highlighted-text.tsx

import { ElementButton } from "payload/components/rich-text";
import { PaintBrushIcon } from "@heroicons/react/24/outline";
import { RichTextCustomElement } from "payload/types";

import "./highlighted-text.scss";

const HighlightedTextButton: React.FC<{ path: string }> = () => (
  <ElementButton format={""}>
    <PaintBrushIcon />

const HighlightedTextLeaf: React.FC<{
  attributes: any;
  element: any;
  children?: React.ReactNode;
}> = ({ attributes, children }) => (
  <span {...attributes}>
    <div className="highlighted-text">{children}</div>

export const highlightedTextLeaf: RichTextCustomElement = {
  name: "highlighted-text",
  Button: HighlightedTextButton,
  Element: HighlightedTextLeaf,
  plugins: [],

# highlighted-text.scss

@import "~payload/scss";

.highilighted-text {
  font-size: base(.8);
  margin-bottom: base(.5);
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    3 months ago

    @davthomxyz I'm pretty bad with React/JSX, but I think the format="" needs to be a string right?

    (Looking at official custom leaf examples, the button seems to always have format="action")

    For instance,
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    3 months ago

    Ah good catch, let me try that

    Didn't work 😦

    Update: That code actually worked as an element, but not a leaf

    Update: It was because I was using the <ElementButton> component not the <LeafButton> component

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    2 months ago

    i'm working on a leaf element

    that's my code


    import React from 'react'
    import { LeafButton } from 'payload/components/rich-text'
    import Icon from '../Icon'
    const baseClass = 'color'
    const ToolbarButton: React.FC<{ path: string }> = () => (
      <LeafButton children={baseClass} format="spanleaf">
        <Icon />
    export default ToolbarButton

    Icon/index.tsx (copied from LargeText element on payload demo)

    const Icon = () => (
        viewBox="0 0 25 25"
          d="M6.61695 9.94917L3.16602 19.25H4.65415L5.37256 17.2102H9.41361L10.1448 19.25H11.7356L8.23337 9.94917H6.61695ZM5.80874 15.9787L7.37384 11.5399L8.96461 15.9787H5.80874Z"
          d="M14.2739 5.75H16.7691L21.8339 19.25H19.2457L18.1843 16.2521H12.7098L11.667 19.25H9.24635L14.2739 5.75ZM13.3988 14.2783H17.4767L15.4284 8.48724L13.3988 14.2783Z"


    import React from 'react';
    import './index.scss';
    const baseClass = 'rich-text-spanleaf';
    const SpanLeafElement: React.FC<{
      attributes: any
      element: any
      children: React.ReactNode
    }> = ({ attributes, children }) => (
        <span className={baseClass}
    export default SpanLeafElement;


    import Button from "./Button";
    import Leaf from "./Leaf";
    import { withSpanLeaf } from "./plugin";
    const spanLeaf: RichTextCustomLeaf = {
      name: "spanleaf",
      plugins: [withSpanLeaf],
    export default spanLeaf;

    every works fine..

    but i have a problem on build.

    src/fields/richText/spanLeaf/Button/index.tsx(9,15): error TS2710: 'children' are specified twice. The attribute named 'children' will be overwritten.

    i don't know how to fix it


    seems that i fix the problem...

    const ToolbarButton = () => (
      <LeafButton format="spanleaf">
        <Icon />
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