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6 months ago

Is it possible to have a default filter on a collection. For example, say a collection is called "tasks" and I want the collection view to always show the tasks whose status is not "completed". Is this possible?

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    Payload Team
    6 months ago

    Hi @etmartinkazoo, at the moment we don't have a default filter option for collections but this would be a great feature request.

    We did add a


    option that could work for you in the meanwhile. You would sort by status to at least bring the completed tasks to the top:

    defaultSort: 'status',
    // or descending
    defaultSort: '-status',
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    last month

    Default filter would be useful for me too.

    Having said that I really appreciate the ability to re-load filter settings using the URL that is generated when applying filters. It only works when logged in (logging in resets the query parameters) but it's super useful to keep as a bookmark!

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