Delete item from array Field

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7 months ago

Hi, is there a way to delete/update/push an item from an array with payload? the item is a relationship field

I couldn't find something like that in the docs.

I was reading other questions here in discord and i ended up doing the next:

I got the "guildModel" from payload and then I just worked with mongoose to remove a specific item from the array.

export const deleteBusReferencesFromGuild = async ({ guildId, busId, req }) => { const { payload } = req; const guildModel = payload.collections["guilds"].Model; const data = { buses: { busId } }; try { const res = await guildModel.updateOne( { _id: guildId }, //@ts-ignore { $pull: data }, ); return res; } catch (error) { console.log({ error }); } };
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    7 months ago

    @LuisLopezlg currently, you need to push the entire array in its updated format 👍

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