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8 months ago

what is better?

- deploy to DO apps and store the files in DO Spaces

- deploy to DO Droplets

In my opinion it is easier to choose the first one?

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    Payload Team
    8 months ago

    There are trade-offs to each.

    For #1. It would make deployments

    much easier

    . Having used DO's app platform a lot recently, I've been very impressed.

    + Easier deployment (via app spec)

    + Easier Domain/URLs

    + Compute upgrades

    - Initial CI configuration (though, this is probably a + long-term once configured)

    For #2. If you're used to deploying on a linux machine, this is probably most comfortable.

    + Full control over everything on the machine

    + Payload file storage works out of the box

    - No external file access

    - Firewall config

    - NGINX config

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    8 months ago

    That menas you advise me the first option with DO apps and the file storage via DO spaces and maybe the database on DO Databases?

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    Payload Team
    8 months ago

    I would lean toward the first option, yes. However, I didn't mention anything about databases. The droplet could have your DB and cost nothing extra.

    With App Platform, you'd likely need to spend more money. Would have to use a DO database (kind of pricey) or use MongoDB Atlas. The latter has a free tier, though.

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