Duplicated GraphQL Types with custom resolvers

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I am using GraphQL codegen in clients to generate types based off Payload schema. I'm noticing that when I define my own resolvers, e.g.

      ShowsByCategory: {
        type: buildPaginatedListType(
        args: {
          categoryName: {
            type: new GraphQL.GraphQLNonNull(GraphQLString),
        resolve: showsByCategoryResolver,

The GraphQL schema duplicates the definition of Shows. Is there anyway around this happening?

Okay actually I figured it out, the first argument in buildPaginatedListType 'shows' defines the name of the object in the schema. I simply gave it a unique name "ShowsByCategory" and it resolves the issue.

Also annoyingly, the reason it worked before is because 'shows' was lower case so I had two definitions in the schema Shows and shows

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