Enable to upload images on prod / Nordflank

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4 months ago

Hi there!

Locally, I am able to use media without problems.

import path from 'path'; import type { CollectionConfig } from 'payload/types'; const Media: CollectionConfig = { slug: 'media', upload: { staticURL: '/uploads', staticDir: '../uploads', // Specify the size name that you'd like to use as admin thumbnail adminThumbnail: 'thumbnail', imageSizes: [ { height: 400, width: 400, crop: 'center', name: 'thumbnail', }, { width: 900, height: 450, crop: 'center', name: 'sixteenByNineMedium', }, ], }, fields: [], }; export default Media;

However, when I try to upload a file on prod deployed on Nordflank, I guess the following error:

You are not allowed to perform this action.

Fixed by reading:

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