Error trying to run Payload in dev mode locally

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2 weeks ago

Hey yall! I'm brand new to Payload, and at the moment I'm trying to get a basic project up and running. I am following the "Installation" steps on the website, but I am getting this error when I'm trying to run my project via "npm run dev":

ERROR in ./node_modules/set-function-name/index.js 5:37-99
Module not found: Error: Can't resolve 'functions-have-names' in '/Users/%username%/Documents/%project%/node_modules/set-function-name'

webpack compiled with 1 error

It connects to the mongodb-server successfully, this error happens right after the db connection has completed.

I have tried two times and gotten the same result both times. My procedure is as follows:

1. run 'npx create-payload-app'

2. choose 'Blank template'

3. run 'npm install'

4. run 'npm run dev'

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    2 weeks ago

    Hey there 👋 Seems like there is an issue with that module as stated here ->

    You can get around the issue temporarily by adding the package manually ->

    npm i -D functions-have-names

    (Make sure to use

    yarn or pnpm

    depending on how your are managing modules)

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    2 weeks ago

    The issue with "set-function-name" was solved by its maintainer. There isn't a need for any additional actions, it should work fine if you try to deploy again.

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