Error with render block after adding new component/block

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6 months ago

I have spent the better part of 2 days trying to fix this error so can anyone help me. I added some new components/blocks and a new products collection to payload. I then tried building my NEXTJS fronend but I kept getting this error. From what I understand there seems to be a mismatch in one of my blocks. But after multiple attempts to disable them one by one and trying and still receiving this error I've come here

Please find the error attached

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    6 months ago

    You codes says that propertyFeatureFields is missing type specificationGridFields

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    Payload Team
    6 months ago

    Hey @techinverted - can you show me the props you have defined in



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    6 months ago

    Hi there! @jesschow I wanted to share an update on the issue i was experiencing with building my frontend. After some investigation, I discovered that the issue was caused by a field in specificationGridFields that was no longer present. This missing field was causing a type error, which was preventing the code from running properly.

    To fix the issue, I removed the missing untitled field from specificationGridFields using payloadcms, which resolved the type error and allowed the code to run successfully. However, I'm concerned that this issue may arise again in the future.

    What would be a good method to prevent similar issues from occurring in the future? I think I need to implement a more robust error handling or testing system. This could include more comprehensive testing procedures to catch issues like missing fields before they cause problems in the code. Additionally, would it be possible to implementing a system for tracking changes to payload and database collection, so that we can identify and address issues like missing fields more quickly and effectively.

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