Example skip rate limit middleware?

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ericpugh12 months ago

Hello. I'm trying to skip the API rate limits for requests made by an authenticated user with a particular role. The docs mention a "skip" Express middleware function that can be used, but I'm not sure how to get the user from the request object. Is there an example somewhere using the "skip" property?

I couldn't figure this out. I ended up with a somewhat dumb solution passing a secret as a header

  rateLimit: {
    trustProxy: true,
    skip: ({ headers }) => {
      return typeof headers['x-api-key'] !== undefined && headers['x-api-key'] === process.env.PAYLOAD_ADMIN_API_KEY;

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    notchr12 months ago

    @ericpugh I believe that the user should be available on the req object in express (as long as payload.authenticate() is called)

        skip: (request, response) => {
              return false // no requests skipped by default

    Actually, not sure you need


    before this, but IIRC that tells express to check the session

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