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3 months ago


I'm trying to setup payload cms to get content by 'slug', eg


However, currently I can only look into one collection at a time, and with content pages, login page and category pages, product page etc, I would love to create a setup where I can go look for the doc once, rather than having to manually check all collections - is this possible?

Thanks 🙂

I currently have this endpoint:

endpoints: [
      path: '/:market?/*',
      method: 'get',
      root: true,
      handler: async (req, res, next) => {
        const market =;
        const slug = req.params[0];
        const docs = await req.payload.find({
          collection: 'pages',
          locale: market,
          where: {
            slug: {
              equals: market ? market + '/' + slug : slug,
        if (!docs || ! || ! {
          return next();
        return res.json([0]);
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    3 months ago

    Youre trying to search multiple collections right? I think that's not currently possible due to a mongoose (orm) limitation

    What you can do though is put your


    function into a re-usable async function that takes in a collection parameter, then run it for every collection in your list

    You can get an array of


    promises and resolve them all with

    await Promise.all([])
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    3 months ago

    true - I'll do it that way. Thanks

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