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I want to make a hook that enforces a certain field array to be empty if a role is removed from a user. Only admins can remove roles, so the cannot be used, since I want to remove the roles from the target user not the admin.

I want to achieve something like this:

export const enforceFacilitator: FieldHook<User & { id: string }> = async ({ req, data }) => { const isFacilitator = targetUser.roles.includes('facilitator'); if (!isFacilitator) { await payload.update({ collection: 'users', id:, data: { array: [], }, }); } }

If possible, it would be great to check if the role of facilitator was removed instead of simply checking if it is there or not (to avoid unnecessary operations). I could just check if the array is already empty before making the update though, which achieves a similar result but isn't very organized.

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