Github Actions - Error: can't find the configuration file located at ${rawConfigPath}.

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4 months ago

I am attempting to build the admin panel in a Github Action using

payload build

. It works fine locally, but when running in the Github Action runner, I get the following error:

 Caused by:
    unknown field `cwd` at line 1 column 3195
        throw new Error(`Error: can't find the configuration file located at ${rawConfigPath}.`);

Error: Error: can't find the configuration file located at /home/runner/work/{{repo_name}}/{{repo_name}}/apps/cms/src/payload.config.ts.

Despite it saying that it can't find the config file, it does appear to be looking in the correct place. I've seen some other threads here where it was throwing the same error, but the error was in fact caused by something entirely different.

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    Payload Team
    4 months ago

    yes i wouldn't trust that error

    i actually added a fix to our roadmap to clarify error messages that come from the admin build process earlier today

    i dont know why this would be, but maybe Github Actions don't allow the use of



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    3 months ago

    I'm at a bit of a loss on how to debug this one. The error output isn't very descriptive so I'm not sure which file or dependency is throwing it. The post was for 1.8.2, and I upgraded to 1.8.5. The only thing that changed was the column number

    unknown field `cwd` at line 1 column 4148

    Going to make sure it's not something in my specific setup by trying a fresh version of payload

    I found the problem. I grepped the error message to find out where that string originated from and it was in an SWC .node binary file.

    I'm running payload in an NX monorepo and had the following dependency:

    "@swc/core": "~1.3.51"

    After upgrading it to the latest 1.3.62, it successfully ran in the github actions runner

    I suppose there was a bug in that version

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    Payload Team
    3 months ago


    Nice work!! Thanks for reporting the fix that you found as well

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    3 months ago

    just to add this for people landing through search, I traced it down to this specific issue

    for me, it would run fine locally but fail in GitHub Actions. i updated pipeline and added this hack after

    npm ci


    npm i --no-save @swc/core
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