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3 months ago

Hey there Google Cloud experts. Does anyone know why I would get the following error while setting up Payload on Google Cloud Run? It is successfully running the trigger and building Payload inside Cloud Build but it's not completing the last step where it should deploy to Cloud Run. I've made sure the port in Cloud Run is 3000 to match the Dockerfile as well but still no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

ERROR: ( Revision 'payloadcms-00003-ced' is not ready and cannot serve traffic. The user-provided container failed to start and listen on the port defined provided by the PORT=3000 environment variable. Logs for this revision might contain more information.

So I solved this shortly after posting (the irony) but I'll leave it up in case anyone else runs into this. The logging was hard to track down in GCP but the issue was the IP address not being whitelisted on my MongoDB Atlas server. If you whitelist GCP correctly inside Atlas it should resolve the issue and deploy to Cloud Run successfully.

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