Graphql Union using generated types

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3 weeks ago

Do you have a simple example of how to create a Graphql union with the types generated by Payload?

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    3 weeks ago

    What are you trying to get exactly? It might be easier to recommend something with the full picture

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    2 weeks ago

    So we have 3 schemas (collections), blogs, podcasts and videos, all of them shared common fields, so I want to create a union type/schema (e.g. type Post = Blog | Podcast | Video) so it can be exposed in the graphql api url and consumed by client.

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    2 weeks ago

    You would have to make a new custom graphql endpoint

    and construct a new type for yourself using the graphQL object passed via the handler with

    something akin to

    new GraphQL.GraphQLUnionType()

    for the types you can get the generated ones from your


    instance to use as types here

    types: [DogType, CatType],

    I wrote a guide here on how to extend the graphql API

    Here's the guide in payload docs
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