Hooks (useConfig, useForm etc.) returning empty objects in Payload pnpm monorepo setup

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3 weeks ago

Hi All,

We're working on an upgrade to Payload 2.0 in a monorepo setup.

Everything went fairly smoothly - we followed the 2.0 release notes here


and we can build Payload using the webpackBundler fine. The admin dashboard loads fine as well.

However, I think we're still missing something in terms of where Payload is looking for configuration information. We have a few custom components that call



etc., but they're returning empty objects and cause errors when we try to access a collection that has one of our special components in it.

We start payload in dev as follows:

"dev": "PAYLOAD_CONFIG_PATH=../cms/dist/payload.config.js NODE_ENV=development remix dev --manual -c \"node --conditions=serve server.js\" | pino-pretty",

And our custom express server initializes Payload as...

import cms from '@project/cms'
const { payload } = cms

// Payload section here - top level await since we're now an ESM module
await payload.init({
  express: app,
  onInit: () => {
    payload.logger.info(`Payload Admin URL: ${payload.getAdminURL()}`)

We've read in the docs that it may help to pass the Payload config directly to init...


- would this help? Confess we're not 100% sure how this works.

Feels like we're missing something fundamental when we bootstrap payload. Any thoughts or suggestions greatly appreciated.

If this helps - it's not just our components.


is returning an empty object for the new Lexical richtext editor....

map is failing because collections in

const { collections } = useConfig()

is undefined @alessiogr any ideas?

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    Payload Team
    3 weeks ago

    First thing I'd do is to absolutely make sure that you do not have duplicate versions of payload, react or react-dom installed.

    99% of times, if a react hook like that returns undefined, it's because that piece of code is using a different, duplicated version of payload/react/react-dom

    Had a similar problem inside the payload repo too - one thing which helped was switching from yarn monorepos to pnpm monorepos. pnpm seems to handle that better

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    3 weeks ago

    Thanks @alessiogr - I'll try a few things.

    You were spot on, and we found the duplicate version of Payload - thanks @alessiogr

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