How can I create a custom API endpoint with FindOne using slug?

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In my pages collection I have a slug field which is generated on submission

name: 'slug', label: 'Slug', type: 'text', index: true, admin: { position: 'sidebar', }, hooks: { beforeValidate: [formatSlug(fieldToUse)], },

In the same collection, I created a custom REST endpoint for finding by slug, it obviously returns a single document for the respective slug, but since it uses payload.find from the Local API it returns a paginated response. Is there a way to do a findOne in the Local API. What is the best approach for this?

endpoints: [ { path: "/slug/:slug", method: "get", handler: async (req, res, next) => { const data = await payload.find({ collection: 'pages', where: {slug:{equals:req.params.slug}}, limit:1 }) if (data) { res.status(200).send({ data }); } else { res.status(404).send({ error: "not found" }); } }, }, ],

Oh my God, I'm just finding the documentation for using


in the default REST API which means I don't need my custom endpoint. That said the problem remains the same, I get a paginated response with payload's default where API also

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    Change the end of your custom endpoint with

    if ( === 0) {
      res.status(404).send({ error: "not found" });
    } else {
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    just send first element of array in the response, or if not exists 404

    i still think it's a good case for custom endpoint, so your end user won't need to manually create query on each request and less data in the response

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    That worked like a charm. Thank you. I still think payload Local API should add a findOne.

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