How do I conditionally query items inside an array?

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4 weeks ago

Let's say my data is structured like this in Payload...

{ "carts": [ { "items": [{ "name": "banana" }] }, { "items": [{ "name": "banana" }, { "name": "apple" }] }, { "items": [{ "name": "orange" }] } ] }

I want to query only items that have the name "banana." How would I do that? Is it even possible? I've been trying to figure it out for the past 2 hours, but nothing is working.

Alright, I found a solution, but it's for my particular case, not for the example I gave above.

{ "ammenityCards.ammenityItems.ammenityItem": { all: checkedAmenityIDs.join(","), }, },
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