How do I connect the CMS to Front-end (Next)?

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7 months ago

Hi. How do I connect the e-commerce template CMS repo to the Nextjs e-commerce front-end repo?

The only steps I've taken since cloning repos is adding my env details. I'm at square 1.

How do I connect the CMS to Front-end (Next)?

To use a CMS in a separate repo to the Next app, I have to deploy to servers at stage 1? I've been using the monorepo nextjs server wherein I can run the server locally... Can I do run locally when I use 2 different repos?

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    7 months ago

    You can still run the CMS locally just on a separate port yes

    I think nextjs automatically picks the next available one (from a 3000 default) but with payload you can specify a different port for it to run on and then your cms is accessible on localhost:PORT

    the defaults in the .env.example in those templates should be enough

    are you able to run the CMS? if not, do you have any errors?

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    7 months ago

    That worked, surprisingly well. Thanks Paul.

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