How do I use a React phone number field (react-phone-number-input) or something similar?

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cadebryant9 months ago

I am trying to use React's


, as follows:

  name: 'phone',
  label: 'Phone',
  type: 'ui',
  admin {
    width: '50%',
    components: {
      Field: PhoneInput

At the top of my file I have:

import PhoneInput from 'react-phone-number-input'
import 'react-phone-number-input/styles.css'

But it gives this error in the browser console:

Warning: failed prop type: the prop 'onChange' is marked as required in 'ForwardRef', but its value is 'undefined'.

My understanding is that I need to pass in my own


handler. But I'm not sure how to do this. Shouldn't this component have its own default


handler? Am I really required to roll my own?

I was hoping this component would be more "plug and play". If this is not the case, can someone please either

provide me a working snippet of


being used within a Payload app? Or perhaps suggest an alternative component that is simpler to plug into Payload?

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