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how do you set an image for the account icon/image

last week

The sidebar has the icon on the bottom left. How do you override it?

  • thisisnotchris
    last week

    @damnstaychill I think this feature was proposed

    , but has not be created.

    TBH, this seems like a great feature for teams.

  • denolfe
    Payload Team
    last week

    The only customization available right now is the ability to use Gravatar for the profile picture.

    I'd say upvote the feature above, so we can prioritize appropriately đź‘Ť

  • damnstaychill
    last week

    upvoted 🙏🏽

    At the moment the only options are to either A. rebuild the nav entirely or B. some hack magic. On B i might just use css to change the icon itself but not allow it to be configurable beyond that

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