how to add units to a number field

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megetronlast year

there is the following block:

export const RAMBlock: Block = {
  slug: 'ram-block',
  fields: [
    { name: 'type', type: 'text'},
    { name: 'capacity', type: 'number'},


i want to save capacity as number in database, but on the frontend i would expect graphql payload to return a formatted string {capacity: "16MB" }

i have some thoughts of changing the model to something like "capacity__MB" and so on the frontend to split the key but i guess it's not the best way to go.

any suggestions how to do this?

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    jarrod69420last year

    You could make a third text field, called


    and populate that field with an afterRead hook on the field itself. Then you would use siblingData to populate it.

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