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How to create first admin user?

2 weeks ago

Hi - I'm following the documentation, have done npx create-payload-app and setup mongo etc. I can run the app at


The documentation says "After it starts, you can go to


to create your first Payload user"...... how do I create the first user? I get a logon screen which wants a user and password and a forgot password option. Do I need to configure email to get a new password sent to me?

  • Jakey
    2 weeks ago

    my experience is you just create the first user when you first hit that link. not sure why you wouldn't get a user creation form

  • TheDunco
    2 weeks ago

    Same here. If you are just starting, I'm not sure why you'd have to but you could try clearing out your Mongo instance and it should ask you to create your first user

  • MarcusR
    2 weeks ago

    Thanks for quick responses - issue with my Mongo connection string 🤦‍♂️. No error through which confused me!

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