How to customize dark / light mode branding

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12 months ago

when white labeling using logo / icon, how can I tell the custom logo component what to render dark or light logo? is there a global parameter for knowing if we are working in light or dark mode ?

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    12 months ago

    Hey @Oron there is a local storage key


    that's value is light/dark that you can read from within your logo component

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    12 months ago

    @damnstaychill but that only give me the user's choice, could be auto and then it's empty

    I need the actual "real time" theme that is used

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    Payload Team
    12 months ago
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    last week

    I've just encountered this with my logo and icon SVGs which are in their own custom components, loaded in through in the payload config.

    I solved it by giving each SVG the same className attribute, then loading in custom CSS and changing the fill of the path of the SVGs. Below is the CSS snippet:

    svg.customBranding path {
        fill: var(--theme-elevation-800) !important;

    Loaded in the custom CSS via admin.css in the payload config:

    export default buildConfig({
      admin: {
        user: Users.slug,
        bundler: webpackBundler(),
        avatar: 'default',
        css: path.resolve(__dirname, './admin/scss/custom.scss'),
        components: {
          graphics: {
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