How to upload image file to media collection with Payload Handler?

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Nafisa Alam
8 months ago

my req.files have two files , image and payment slip. the api is a post api.both are images. i have a collection "media" where i upload all the images. now if i want to upload images to my media collection from a payload handler , how should i do that?

{name: 'quiz 1.png', data: Buffer(6520), size: 6520, encoding: '7bit', tempFilePath: '', …}
{name: 'images.jpeg', data: Buffer(11274), size: 11274, encoding: '7bit', tempFilePath: '', …}}
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    8 months ago

    from the request you can pass the files directly into the media create function

    const media = await payload.create({
          collection: 'media',
          data: {
            alt: `My alt text`, // <- extra fields
          file: req.files.file,

    then you can update the reference/use of it in a content type if you need to

    const updatedContent = await payload.update({
            id: id,
            collection: 'content',
            data: {

    in my example it's not an array though, so you'll need to change that for yours

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