How would one go about translating error messages that are returned by a field validate function?

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Jaaaaaay (DiddlySquat)last year

I'm currently writing some validate functions and would like to give the user specific messages on what went wrong.

What is the recommended way of…

a) retrieving the currently selected locale of the user


b) give them localized error messages?

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    Oh yeah! I had this use-case in mind while building out the i18n support.

    You should have access to the translation function

    current language

    as a property in your custom validation function:


    You will have to extend the translations to have your custom error message.

    The docs here show how you're supposed to do that:

    Then in your validate function you can call and return it:

    return t('yourNamespace.yourErrorMessage');

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    Jaaaaaay (DiddlySquat)last year

    Awesome, thanks guys! will give it a try asap

    Works like a charm, thanks again!

    For future reference:

    export const validateURLField: Validate<string> = async (
      value: string,
      { t }
    ) => {
      try {
        const url = new URL(value);
      } catch (err) {
        return t("shared:errors:url:invalid");
      return true;
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