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stfn7777last year

Hi everyone!,

I can try to import some posts from WP through local API but I have a problem with the content.

I don’t understand how can I convert HTML to RichText using slate.js. Someone could help me?

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    markatomniuxlast year

    Hey @stfn7777 checkout the Payload github, they have a ton of good examples of Payload in action alongside Next.

    This is a pretty good example for the RichText Serializer

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    stfn7777last year

    Ok thank you but this is for "frontend" part, at the moment I try to import posts from WP so I have HTML and I need to transform into the RichText... Is there a way to do that?

  • It looks like you might be able to use this to do what you are asking:

    Obviously you will want to test the input/output before running it on all of your data - but I think this would be an excellent starting point.

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    stfn7777last year

    Ok thank! you I will try it

    if you are interested, this serializer works:

    It works in each convertion html to slate and slate to html

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