Images: Local Storage vs. Cloud Plug-in

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jm.sv11 months ago

With the default set-up, it looks like uploads are stored locally. How does this work once you've deployed your site? For example, when using Payload with Next.js and Vercel, once you've deployed, are uploads automatically uploaded and organized into the


directory? How does this work to get newest changes locally?

Zooming out, I'm looking for a little clarity on the best way to handle images on a Next.js + Vercel + Mux marketing site. Mux handles the videos, and I'm not sure if I need to use a separate cloud solution for the images, or if Payload allows me to store images locally.

I'm assuming it makes more sense to integrate a cloud option. In this case, is the


my best bet?

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    jarrod6942011 months ago

    I can add some clarity here.

    If you are looking to deploy on Vercel then you will need to use a third party service to store your images. Vercel's public directory is just for static assets that can be committed to your repo.

    That is just because with Vercel you don't control the server. It would be the same for similar hosts.

    If you were to deploy Payload say on a Digital ocean droplet, you control the server and it comes with a set amount of storage on disk. So in this case you would be able to save images locally


    Payload, but not


    of Payload.

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    jm.sv11 months ago

    @jarrod69420 thank you! That makes sense. And then if I use Payload Cloud, it's automatically provisioning and S3 bucket and using the


    behind the scenes to store images?

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    jarrod6942011 months ago

    Yes 💯

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