Is cloud storage s3Adapter working at the moment?

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Wandering Nerd
6 months ago

I follow an example from the official cloud storage repository and immediately after declaring an s3Adapter object, I face 2 errors.

Both are in payload.config.ts

- Module not found: Error: Can't resolve process/browser in .../src

- Cannot read properties of undefined (reading module)

If I comment out the credentials and endpoint properties, the webpack can compile again.

Sorry for the plaintext format, I'm on the phone now.

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    6 months ago

    Seems like the same issue than

    Are you also on Payload


    ? 🤔

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    Wandering Nerd
    6 months ago

    Payload v1.6.23. It seems to be fixed after I install the "process" package (solution from Power BI Visual tools #365). What confuses me is when I cloned the cloud storage repository and test it there, no error at all.

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