Is it possible to set the mimetype on the field rather than collection?

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scctttlast year

I understand that I can restrict the mimetype from a collection however I would like to set this on the field itself instead.

E.G. One


collection for the project. An


field which only accepts video files?

I would rather not create another Upload collection if possible

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    last year

    Right now this is not possible but in the future it could be!

    It currently IS possible on the Relationship field, which functions in largely the same way

    there, you can pass


    which restricts the options that can be passed

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    scctttlast year

    I see, that would work perfect, thank you!

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    bhavikak8 months ago

    hello @sccttt i also want to do this can you give me a some reference or example to achive this.

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