Is there a shorthand way of updating a relationship/array field with an `update` call?

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tinoutilast year

Assuming the following


field in my



    name: 'messages',
    type: 'relationship',
    relationTo: 'messages',
    hasMany: true,
    required: true,
    min: 1,

Is there a shorthand and/or better way of doing this?

const thread = await payload.findByID({
  collection: 'threads',
  depth: 0,
const update = await payload.update({
  collection: 'threads',
  data: {
    messages: [ ...thread.messages, ],

And similarly for removing an item, or is fetching the doc first to get the field value and do the addition/removal myself the only way?

  • That’s currently the only way to do it. Get the full array, mutate it, then update doc

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    tinoutilast year

    Gotcha, wanted to make sure I wasn't missing a hidden method to update it directly. Thanks Jarrod! 🙏

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    superwafflepuffs9 months ago

    Any possibility of us getting access to something that scales better? I'm trying to use this for a memberships section.

    Organizations { members: Relationship<Users> }

    and in order to make access handling easier I also want to store an array of memberships on the user object

    Users { memberships: Relationship<Organizations> }

    Would be great if we could get access to all the power of mongo $push, $pull, etc...

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