Lexical Upload field crashes when using external file storage

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4 weeks ago

Hey all!

I recently got my external cloud file storage set up, but that made my Collection with a Lexical Rich Text field crash the collection.

The error I get whenever I try to load the collection is as follows:

[08:51:55] ERROR (payload): TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'payload')
    at promise (/project-dir/node_modules/@payloadcms/richtext-lexical/src/field/features/Upload/afterReadPromise.ts:25:30)
    at forEach (/project-dir/node_modules/@payloadcms/richtext-lexical/src/populate/richTextRelationshipPromise.ts:45:16)
    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
    at recurseRichText (/project-dir/node_modules/@payloadcms/richtext-lexical/src/populate/richTextRelationshipPromise.ts:41:14)
    at richTextRelationshipPromise (/project-dir/node_modules/@payloadcms/richtext-lexical/src/populate/richTextRelationshipPromise.ts:90:3)
    at Object.afterReadPromise (/project-dir/node_modules/@payloadcms/richtext-lexical/src/index.ts:70:43)
    at promise (/project-dir/node_modules/payload/src/fields/hooks/afterRead/promise.ts:157:42)
    at forEach (/project-dir/node_modules/payload/src/fields/hooks/afterRead/traverseFields.ts:45:14)
    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
    at traverseFields (/project-dir/node_modules/payload/src/fields/hooks/afterRead/traverseFields.ts:43:10)

The collection page loads, but it just shows an infinite skeleton loader for the collection items.

Running Payload 2.0.14

tried disabling the cloudstorage-plugin, and I'm still receiving the error from my previous message


fixed it by updating the lexical-plugin, cloud-storage-plugin and deleting 'node_modules' and doing a fresh 'yarn install' :)

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