LexicalRichTextAdapter is not assignable to type 'RichTextAdapter<any, any>'

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last month

Trying out payload 2.0, but I'm running into the following type error in the payload.config.ts when adding the lexicalEditor.

Type 'LexicalRichTextAdapter' is not assignable to type 'RichTextAdapter<any, any>'.
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    Payload Team
    last month

    What version of lexical-editor is your project on?

    Can you share the import statement too?

    I have no idea just looking at this. It could be something @alessiogr knows about.

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    Payload Team
    last month

    this used to be an issue when typescript strict mode is on. Should definitely be fixed in the latest version though

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    last month

    I encountered the same issue with strict mode enabled and had to do a type assertion as a workaround

    editor: lexicalEditor({}) as RichTextAdapter,
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