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5 months ago

Hello, I want to have a localised RowLabel for an array field when it is empty, but use one of the fields data when it is present.

Before starting on localisation, I had something like this:

RowLabel: ({ data }) => data.title || 'New item'

I tried picking the locale with the


hook, but I believe this is the locale of the content and not the language preference of the user

RowLabel: ({ data }) => {
                    const locale = useLocale();
                    return (
                      data.title ||
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    5 months ago

    You can use the following:

    const { i18n } = useTranslation()
    const userLanguage = i18n?.language

    To get the currently selected language of the user logged into the dashboard

    And I would turn this into a component that gets imported into your config file, instead of importing hooks into the config file.

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    5 months ago

    Thanks for that, completely missed it in the docs

    I extracted it out to a RowLabelWithFallback (wip name 😅 )

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