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zakoullast year

Hi there!

Is there any possibility to localize the errors given back from the REST API?

I tried with "locale=de" for example, but it still gives me back the error in english.

If that's not possible, is there any possibility to get error codes instead of only messages so that I can create a way of translating it in the front-end?

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    12 months ago

    Hi @zakoul do you still need help here?

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    zakoul12 months ago

    Hi @jesschow thank you for your answer! Yes, help would still be appreciated 🙂

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    12 months ago

    this is possible and the errors are already localized i believe

    @dribbens will have detail there on how this is accomplished, but regardless, we need to get this in the docs

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    12 months ago

    Yeah, the trick to remember here is that the


    param refers to the language for the data being accessed, but instead you're looking to set the


    on the request header. That is used to tell Payload what language the user expects.

    More info on the header can be found here:


    You can see it in action from the admin UI if you change your language in the account settings and then look at your http requests Headers:

    I hope this helps you @zakoul

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    zelenovsky9 months ago

    thank you @dribbens you solved my problem too. It would be nice to get this in the doc

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