Media Upload stored UTF-8 filename is change Portuguese accent characters

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4 months ago

when I upload a file with filename

A História de Trovão.pdf

it show OK in Create New

but after I click Save, the filename in Admin and database is


, seems some problem in UTF-8 encoding,

the stored in database will be

A História de Trovão.pdf

and not

A História de Trovão.pdf

like it should be,

this may occur in all languages to

seems like double encoding problem....

how can I fix it?

update : I found that using local api and

await payload.create<Media>

works, and all characters aren't modified 🙂

only in UI it gives above error

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    Jonathan Zappalà
    4 months ago

    Hello, I had the same issue which I was able to solve with the following in payload.config.ts:

    upload: {
          // save files with right encoding (utf8)
          defCharset: 'utf8',
          defParamCharset: 'utf8',

    I hope that this may help !

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    4 months ago

    It helped me, thank you!

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    4 months ago

    I will try asap, other question is how I import the Media type in a local api script?

    I export the types and import it but vscode keeps complaining, I can send the script and imports asap, currently i'm on phone

    Thanks @Jonathan Zappalà and @linobino1

    this utf-8 thing should be the default IMO

    but sure core devs must have a good reason to not use it as default, but mention in the docs will help

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    4 months ago
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    4 months ago

    the other problem im my batch import media files, is that seems that await on payload.create<Media> dont wait and if I try to import it crash after a few files, I use a sleep time to override this and move on, but seems that this is not the right way......does anybody has the same issue when try to batch import/create a bunch of files, like more than 75?

    @linobino1 I see that in your link you use await Promise.all

    that seems the missing piece that I was looking for 🙂

    I will try both fixs sugested here and leave a feedback after, thanks budies

    this works ! awesome

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