Next build needing Payload to run

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philiposauruslast year

When building my next webapp the CMS needs to be running which creates a chicken-egg situation when deploying a feature requiring both to be updated at the same time. How do you guys deal with this?

Run the payload instance in the same node runtime is something I am considering but looking for alternatives

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    christopher.nowlanlast year

    I usually split payload and next into two separate builds. CMS and website. Then I would deploy CMS first

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    nballlast year

    If you're using SSR the custom server example works well. If you're planning to use SSG/ISR then splitting front and back into separate environments seems to be the current favorite. I'm in the process of setting this up too. Is there something on the front end blocking the CMS from building correctly?

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    philiposauruslast year

    Right, thanks. This is what I was thinking.

    The cms and next are building fine, I was just wondering in case of a non-backwards compatible change how you'd need to handle it.

    I guess making it backwards compatible would be the way to go then 😄

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